Module shortcuts allow you to save the configuration you ran a module with and then run it again with a single click.

Adding a Shortcut

Click on the module you would like to create the shortcut for.

Enter the relevant configuration settings for the module.

Tick Save as shortcut

In the Shortcut Name field enter what you would like to call the shortcut.

Choosing Show Shortcut as Icon will create your own customized Module Icon in the top toolbar

Choosing Add to Existing Policy will add the shortcut to a pre-existing policy to run when that policy runs. 

You can now click either Save & Close which will save the module and close the tab, or Save & Run which will save the module and run it on any device you have selected.

Below the module icon youcreated the shortcut for, there will be a small arrow pointing down, click the arrow to access shortcut, unless you created the Shortcut as a separate Icon.

Select the shortcut you have just created to run it on the device(s) you have selected.

Managing Shortcuts

Click the arrow below the module containing the shortcut you wish to edit.

Select Manage Shortcuts.

You will now have the option to either Edit or Remove the shortcut.